My daddy was truly a special man. Life with him was filled with laughter, fun, teasing and lots and lots of love. My memories of  school mornings are of Daddy getting up and making breakfast so that Mama could sleep a while longer. He’d wake us up by saying something like “Come and get it before I feed it to the hogs.”

When he’d come in from work (he was a basketball coach for a 2-year college,) he’d walk into the house with a joke. He loved quoting funny commercials from TV.

On Christmas Day, no one could beat him up in the morning. Until he died in 2010, he was the first one up every Christmas morning, and he’d bImageang things around making coffee and breakfast until he woke everybody in the house up.

One Christmas Eve when I was in high school, I woke up in the middle of the night to the sound of a drum set being played quietly–okay, not so quietly. It was Daddy, trying out my baby brother’s drum set that Santa Claus was bringing him.


I remember a day when Daddy was taking the little league to a game in our station wagon, There were 9 little boys

"If it had been a pretty day we'd have brought the whole family!"
“If it had been a pretty day we’d have brought the whole family!”

in the car, plus my middle brother and me, and Mama in the front seat. At a red light, in the car next to us, a man and woman wer

e rubbernecking, looking at all the kids in the station wagon. Daddy rolled down the driver’s window and called out to the other car “If it had been a pretty day, we’d have brought the whole family.”

As the man and woman stared, open-mouthed, the light turned green and Daddy drove on to the game.

My daddy taught me that life is too short to spend it unhappy or frustrated or anything but filled with laughter and love. My daddy was always the biggest kid of us all!


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