If you think about it, and I have,  there are a lot of movies about lovers across time. Great movies, bad movies and everything in between.timeline I’ve been thinking about my favorite time travel movies. I have no rhyme or reason to my list. It’s just a list of movies I like and don’t like.

somewhere in timeOne of my favorite time-travel movies is TIMELINE, with Gerard Butler. Of course I’d own the DVD to DEATH ON THE HIGHWAY if Gerard Butler was in it. Butler is an archeologist, he takes off his shirt, he fights with medieval weapons and falls in love with a French warrior (a gorgeous, redheaded female French warrior.)

SOMEWHERE IN TIME is a classic, with Christopher Reeve and Jane Seymour. What a beautiful love story.

back to the future

terminatormovieOf course, I can’t talk about time travel movies without mentioning the BACK TO THE FUTURE trilogy and the TERMINATOR quadrilogy. I could watch both of them over and over (and do.)

There are other time travel movies that are definitely worth mentioning. While it would never make my top ten of anything, not even horror movies with Bruce Campbel and chain saws, ARMIES OF DARKNESS is a great, hilarious movie! army of darknessWell worth your time. Watch for these lines. “Shop smart, shop S-Mart.” And “Baby, you got REAL ugly.”

kate and leopold

Two others that deserve a mention, if only because of how much I don’t like them, are THE LAKE HOUSE and KATE AND LEOPOLD. To me, neither one of these movies made sense. Seems to me that in Kate and Leopold I left the theater thinking that she might have fallen in love with her great grandfather.


In THE LAKE HOUSE, it seemed that most of the movie was focused on the house, waiting for one or the other of them to appear.

But I’ll watch even the bad time travel movies. Between present to past and future to present time travel movies, I prefer future to present.

tr rickey2 multicolor (427x640)
My indie pubbed futuristic time travel romance, TIME RIDER is now available on Amazon. Check out the cover. I LOVE it! You can click on the cover to go to the Amazon page.

He came from the future to kill her, but could he resist her healing touch?



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