I have an ongoing love affair with Little Bitty Stuff.  One of my favorite things to do is to go to antique and junk stores. But when I go antiquing, I’m not looking for furniture or yard art (well sometimes…) or old undiscovered paintings by famous artists (although I wouldn’t turn one down. I’m looking for what a friend of mine calls Little Bitty Stuff.

I want junk jewelry, pieces of torn antique latiny butterfly pince, old greeting cards, vintage ribbons. Scrapbookers call this kind of thing ephemera. I make greeting cards and gift tags by repurposing old cards and adding these items. The gift tags at the right were made with rubber stamps, cut-out butterflies and diamond dust glitter, plus vintage ribbon.

diamond-dust butterfly1
Diamond dusted gift tags
by Mallory Kane

I think playing with paper and ephemera calms me and satisfies me in a different way fromwriting. Although both are creative, maybe they utilize different parts of the brain. I don’t know. I just know if I need a break from writing to recharge, playing with paper and glue and Little Bitty Stuff does the trick.


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