coffee3I’m way too interested in coffee. For me, one of the great pleasures in life is that first taste of that first cup of coffee in the morning. In fact, I’ve been thinking about getting a coffeemaker that’s hooked up to a water pipe and uses coffee packets, so I don’t even have to prepare the pot.

I’m on a search for the world’s best coffee.

In doing research, I found out that there are only two types of coffee, Arabica and Robusta. Every other difference in coffees is where it’s grown, how it’s roasted, how (or if) it’s sold ground and how it’s brewed.

Robusta has more caffeine, it’s more bitter and less flavorful than Arabica with a sort of musty aftertaste. And, from personal experience, when you put cream in brewed coffee that has more Robusta, the coffee turns a rather sickly gray color instead of the beautiful golden brown of a cup of Arabica coffee. So why is Robusta even an issue? Well, it’s not for me, but information I’ve found says it’s easier to grow, matures more quickly and beans can be harvested a couple of years earlier than Arabica beans. And, perhaps most importantly, it’s cheaper.

Arcoffee2abica grows more slowly than Robusta, and the higher elevation at which it’s grown, the more slowly it grows, creating a smoother, tastier coffee. Notice all those coffees that claim they’re mountain grown.

So, my number one criteria for coffee, it must be 100% Arabica.
2nd, the roast has to be right. I don’t like French Roast or Dark Roast anything. To me, at best they taste too bittmedagliaer, at worst, they taste burnt. I love a medium or a light roast.
3rd, I find that espresso grind gives me the best taste for my taste. Espresso is the finest grind. It’s almost like powder.

According to experts, coffee should be ground just prior to brewing for better flavor. And for best flavor beans should be roasted just prior to brewing.

Until I get to the point where I’m roasting my own beans (I’m not sure even I need coffee that spectacular)melita my current

favorite ground packaged coffees are, in no particular order, Melita, Chock Full o’Nuts, Yuban, Medaglio d’Oro and (surprise)Sam’s Choice Fair Trade coffee.

I suppose if I’m going to be obsessed about something, coffee is relatively innocuous, as compared to, say, booze, or glibrary-fairy2ambling or stalking a movie star. Besides, drinking a cup of hot, fresh, darkly-delicious cup of coffee is not only one of my favorite things, it’s also one of my muse’s favorite things. And anything my muse loves, I love. Keeping that little sprite happy so she’ll help me write is another of my obsessions. Oh AND writing, of course, which I’ve discussed in other posts.

tr rickey2 multicolor (427x640)
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Happy writing, reading, obsessing and coffee-drinking.


p.s. I’ve been reading about different, special new types of coffee. I’ve got to find out more about them. New coffee! Wow! ttyl.  🙂



  1. I agree that the first cup in the morning is an exquisite experience that never fails. However, I am one who likes coffee so dark and strong that you have to drink it with a chisel. Typically, that means an extra bold dark roast brewed at double strength. I love the bitterness so am a Starbucks addict. Grew up on coffee with chicory (in my bottle), so that explains it. Since becoming vegan, I no longer enjoy the half/half but have found a non-dairy soy based creamer that is delicious. Life is good.

  2. Jan, I love strong coffee but not dark roast. To me, as the folks at CUPS say, Starbucks is “Charbucks.” Do like their blonde roast!!! My favorite roast is espresso. How do they make it so deliciously dark and still keep that chocolately, smooth wonderful flavor of the coffee? Re’ soy — I love soy creamer, even though I am totally not vegan. 🙂
    BTW have you gotten into steampunk jewelry–with your penchant for designing jewelry with watches 🙂

    Margaret — and IV would be great for the lift, but what about that delicious flavor!??


  3. Nice overview about the Araica and Robusta coffees. Personally I’ve decides that with my 60 years plus, the rest of my life is too short to drink Robusta. I’m going for the full flavor and even try to get my hands on single estate specialty coffees, even though this a bit of a luxury. When you enjoy one of these cups, it’s an explosions of flavors and aromas…. divine!

    Try some dark gourmet chocolates with a good cup of estate coffee. Cocoa and coffee blend great can enhance the pelasure even further 🙂

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