TIME RIDER: Casting Call


from the novel by Mallory Kane

Look at that! Is that what every author dreams of? Or is it just me?

You know what? I don’t care if it’s just me. One of my favorite things about writing a book is ‘auditioning’ actors for the starring roles in the movie version of my book.

Often, I have a good idea of who my characters are and what they look like, at the beginning of my book. Sometimes my hero and heroine strongly resemble a current actor. Sometimes not. And sometimes, the idea I have in my head is so specific that I can’t really match it to an actor.

In the case of TIME RIDER, at the time I originally wrote it,

I had photos that represented Rider and Kristen.

this is rider

I love Demi Moore’s vulnerability as well as her strength in Ghost. She’s so like my view of Kristen.

And Rider. Well, what can I say. I love this photo. Love him wrapping his hands. Love his bicep and shoulder and the curve of his neck. And I am totally smitten by that scowl on his face.This photo is one of the most compelling photographs I’ve ever seen in a magazine, maybe THE most compelling.

So who could do these two justice in the movie version of Time Rider?

Okay, for Kristen, we need someone young, vulnerable, but believable as a physician and as a young woman who can take care of herself. How about……

Katherine Heigl? I’m not crazy about the hair style in this shot, but I love the sadness and vulnerability. Surprisingly, she looks quite good as a brunette, don’t you think?

Now for Rider. This was not nearly as difficult. As soon as I thought ‘movie.’ I thought of Josh Holloway. He’s got the hair, the biceps, shoulder and curve of the neck, and most importantly, he’s got the scowl. Let’s give it up for my gorgeous, hunky time-traveler and protector…

I can believe these two could be on the run together, each afraid to trust the other but being forced to by circumstance. Each filled with past pain and leery of risking their heart ever again. Each terribly afraid their shortcomings will get the other one hurt or killed.

Yep. I’m pretty satisfied with my headliners. So now I have:


from the novel by Mallory Kane


Katherine Heigl and Josh Holloway

I think it looks pretty good. Don’t you?

Next Post: There’s one more main character in Time Rider who deserves to be played by a great actor.

until then,



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