May I be Excused? My Brain is Full.

I pack a suitcase like I pack boxes for moving. Badly! I wish I were a more organized person. In my mind, in my personal habits, in my housekeeping. But i’m not. And for the most part, I’ve learned to accept myself for what I am.

You know you’re in trouble packing a suitcase when it’s too full at the beginning of the trip.Image

If it won’t go in there now, what’s going to happen when it’s time to put everything back into that space?


Perhaps a list would help, but I’m also a terrible list-maker. I think my problem with making lists is that once upon a time, I had no trouble remembering everything. In fact, when I did make a list, 90% of the time I’d forget to take it with me. But at the store I’d remember what I’d written down, which actually seems just as efficient, if not more, than carrying and referring to the list.

These days though, when I forget the list — which I do 99% of the time, I seem to be able to remember about 40% of what I wrote down. I attribute this to what I call Hard Drive Full. I view my brain like a hard drive and I do believe it’s full. Image

So suitcases, hard drives, brains… none of them work if they’re too full. I think in these days of information overload, too many TV stations, phones that will play games with us and keep up with our calendars and where our friends are and where we are and who we like and who we follow, that we need to try and be more picky about what we put into them.

Okay, I’ve ranted. Now I need to get back to packing my suitcase for RWA National in Atlanta. It seems it’s gotten more full while I’ve been writing this post. So how am I going to fit the Smoke Monster in? (see photo below.)


Looking forward to seeing everyone at National!



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