Who’s YOUR Favorite Hero?

Most writers are familiar with the eight hero archetypes as outlined by Tami Cowden and others. I occasionally like to look at movie heroes who represent each type, to remind myself of the archetype’s traits. So, as I take a look this time, see which type of hero you like best.


The Bad BoyImage

The Best Friendkutcher best friend

The Charmergrant charmer

The Lost Soulangel2 lost soul

The Professor

sayid professor

The Swashbuckler

jack sparrow swashbuckler

The Warrior

thor warrior

If I have to pick just one as my type of hero, I’d have to go with the Chief–the guy who’s always in charge and always sure of himself. But how much fun would I have with the Swashbuckler? How exciting would running around with a Warrior be? What about the intellectual stimulation and sexy knowledge of the professor. Or feeling on top of the world with the Charmer or protective and loving with the Lost Soul? Appreciated when with the Best Friend, or living on the edge with the Bad Boy? What woman wouldn’t want her choice of all these different heroes, or maybe even a hybrid of two or more of the archetypes.

Do you have a favorite type of story with a favorite hero?

If you think of the categories above, do you have your own favorite example?

Mallory Kane


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