Other Writing

 OTHER WRITING: Indie books, novellas, short stories, maybe even essays or other non-fiction pieces.


mk_its in his kiss
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 Light contemporary romance, 50,000 words.

Cat Morrison has just been dumped by her fiance, and her best friend Michael is, as always, there to pick up the pieces. He and Cat have been BFFs since they were six years old.When Michael suggests that Cat stay with him in his apartment until she finds a place of her own, neither one of them is prepared for the sparks that fly between them.

Cat fears that if she falls for Michael, she’ll screw it up like she always does. And Michael is afraid she’ll never love him as much as he loves her.

This book made me laugh, and cry tears of joy! Truly one of the best romance books I’ve read in a while.
~Emma Meyer

Mallory Kane is a great story teller.                                                                                                     ~Reader Lady

I have to admit that I’m a sucker for a good “friends become lovers” story and this one is very good. I love the way the author builds up the friendship that quickly becomes attraction when Cat and Michael move in together.                                                                                                                                                      ~Nancy Levine


mk_september rain
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An historical romance novella,
approx 16,000 words

Mallory Kane delivers a sweet historical novella in September Rain.

“They slit his throat but he lived.” That’s what the townspeople said about the reclusive man they called Crazy Jake. When Jacob Chandler saved Hallie Greer from an attacker and was beaten half to death for his trouble, Hallie can’t rest until she makes sure he’s all right.

Hallie travels up a treacherous mountain trail to a treeline cabin. What she finds there is danger, mystery and love.

I was very moved by this short, sad, and sweet novella about love finding its way into the damaged hearts of a lonely spinster, and an emotionally crippled widower. The characters were so authentic and well-developed that I just wish it had been a longer story.                                                                  ~SC’sLola
This was a beautifully written novella. While short, it was a good story, well developed and executed. It was the love story of a recluse and a young woman all on her own. There were the villains of the piece. The care and love that developed between the hero and heroine was beautiful to see. I strongly recommend this book.
                                                                                                                                                                ~Rebecca L. Minto


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