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 tabl color match to lpf copy  love sneaked in1
 three wishesfinal  new life gracie lg2
 dark2  eternity2
 BLUEsm  vdsucksfinal - Copy (4)Young adult cover for Juli Alexander 2012
 girl black tights52636087Sketch for cover for steampunk novel for Deborah Cox 



toofast - 4 04D134 gr
 anm4  doublev
 catman7  dancing3


TO PURCHASE A PREMADE COVER Contact me with your EMail address and your cover preference, as well as your pen name and your title and I will invoice you through EMail. Any changes other than title and author name will incur an additional cost, to be determined and agreed upon prior to invoicing.


1. Please contact me at with your information, including your pen name, your title and a brief blurb or synopsis of your book. If you have a cover concept in mind, please tell me about it. Any artwork or photos you wish to use should be sent at this time.

2. Once I have reviewed your request and concept, I will quote you a price. If the base price is agreeable, we will move on to creating the cover. If you do not have photos or art you wish to use, I will create a cover using the draft version of stock art I choose and will present you with the cover for your approval. Once you are satisfied with the concept and we agree on all aspects of the cover, including any cost for stock art, I will purchase the art and pass the cost on to you. I will charge you exactly what I paid for the art. 3. Using the high definition version of the stock art, I will complete the cover and present it to you for your approval. I will revise to your satisfaction. If after a reasonable time (defined by me) we cannot agree, you will not receive a cover and you will owe nothing, because I am committed to your satisfaction.

4. Once you are satisfied, I will invoice you through PayPal, as agreed upon.

Thank you!!

Mallory Kane,
Author and Cover Artist


1. Who are you?

I’m Rickey Mallory. I write as Mallory Kane for Harlequin Intrigue. I also have books out with Imajinn Books. I have over 20 years of experience designing covers. It’s one of my favorite things to do.

2. What are your credentials?

I’ve created covers for numerous electronic and print publishers. Some of my clients include Dreams Unlimited Electronic Publishing (out of business,) SWP (out of business,) Imajinn Books, Fictionworks, Speculation Press, and Booklocker, as well as numerous individuals who have requested covers. Click “past cover commissions” at the top of the page to see some of these covers.

3. How can I buy one of your premade covers?

You can pay through PayPal, using a credit card or echeck or direct bank payment. See the purchase information above.

4. Why are some covers more expensive than others?

The artwork on some of the covers is much more complicated, or the cover took a lot more time to design. Also, on some designs, I purchase stock art.

5. Speaking of art, where do you get the art you use on the covers?

My husband is an accomplished photographer. He does a lot of the artwork. I paint and do photography myself. Sometimes I use free photos, and also stock photos.

6. What if I want a custom cover?

EMail me and I’ll be glad to discuss your needs with you. Please see above for information on custom covers.

7. Why are custom-made covers more expensive than standard or premium covers?

Custom-made covers are priced by time and number of edits. Many times, covers designed to order take a lot longer and are more complicated than many of my premade covers. 

8. Do you also format wraps for print books?

No. I only do covers. I can provide you with a spine or back graphic for an additional cost, but I do not format books.

9. I don’t know anything about cover design. How do I get my name and the title of the book onto the cover?

You don’t have to worry about that. I deliver your cover to you with your title and author name in the font indicated. You receive your cover ready to upload or print.

10. These covers look really easy. Why should I pay you for a cover when I can do it myself?

Please go right ahead with my blessing.

All cover art copyright Mallory Kane



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