RWA National Convention 2013–State of Change

This year’s RWA National Convention was different. There was a buzz of energy in the air that was palpable. High energy, positive energy. To me, the national convention is always intense. Actually, intense is an understatement for what it feels like to be one of over 2000 people (98% female) in one place. But the … More RWA National Convention 2013–State of Change

COMFORT FOOD–Evil Plot or Sanity Saver?

What’s your favorite comfort food? Mashed potatoes and gravy? Chicken Soup? Ice Cream? It’s generally accepted that comfort food is traditionally eaten food that often provides a nostalgic or sentimental feeling to the person eating it), or simply provides the consumer an easy-to-digest meal, soft in consistency, and rich in calories, nutrients, or both. The nostalgic … More COMFORT FOOD–Evil Plot or Sanity Saver?


I have an ongoing love affair with Little Bitty Stuff.  One of my favorite things to do is to go to antique and junk stores. But when I go antiquing, I’m not looking for furniture or yard art (well sometimes…) or old undiscovered paintings by famous artists (although I wouldn’t turn one down. I’m looking … More LITTLE BITTY STUFF


If you think about it, and I have,  there are a lot of movies about lovers across time. Great movies, bad movies and everything in between. I’ve been thinking about my favorite time travel movies. I have no rhyme or reason to my list. It’s just a list of movies I like and don’t like. … More LOVERS ACROSS TIME